We are both small, and big. The scale of the company is purposefully tight. The practice experience is extensive and large. The intellectual property of this experience is brought to every project at O’Neill Architecture.

  • Why


    O’Neill Architecture recognises that the structure of the provision of design services is changing. Expertise needs to be customised to a project's requirements. You are either big or small. Big creates company layers, a machine to feed, and the need to up sell set services. Small is usually characterised by small project experience, innovation and experimentation. O'Neill Architecture is a different kind of architectural company. We are both big and small.

  • Testimonials


    Every O'Neill Architecture project is unique, and so is the valued relationships that we establish with our clients. Here's what they have said about us.

  • Awards


    Since 1999, Justin O'Neill has been winning recognition for his work in Architecture.

  • Pro Bono

    Pro Bono

    We contribute to non-for-profit organisations, universities and organisations as a way of broadening our community interaction and to promote ideas as a force within society.

  • Research


    Research is the starting point for every project. Understanding the site, it's connection with the City, the planning overlays and their opportunities, history and questioning current models of development are the platform for our processes. From this we build a narrative for the site, as explanation of what the site 'wants to be' and use this as a collective tool for engagement of all stakeholders.

  • Sustainability


    For us, sustainability and economy are inextricably linked. Economy in the use of materials, the need for air conditioning of spaces, embodied energy within material selections and maximising the recycling of materials and use of rain and recycled water.