The scale of the company is purposefully tight. The practice experience is extensive and large.

The intellectual property of our experience is brought to every project at O’Neill Architecture. Our clients are not passed down through a machine, but rather individually cared for. We bring complex project thinking to our clients with a hands on and personal service approach.

We bring this approach to projects of all scales. We actively seek new forms of engagement, new kinds of collaboration and new methods for achieving project outcomes. Collaboration is central to all projects. For even the smallest projects, the team is substantial.

Achieving high quality outcomes is no longer a case of pairing the faithful client with the visionary architect. We work through a process of research and invention, leveraging the expertise of the team. This can be through applying project home technologies to unique homes, or collaborating with financiers and state authorities to deliver new housing models, or convincing politicians the value of their investment in cultural institutions.

Our strategic design thinking assists our clients in achieving their aims, not just their buildings. Our aim is the synthesis of broad issues into a cohesive whole. Through this synthesis, we exercise innovation, commerce, negotiation and sustainability to create value.