Global Arts Link

A major cultural initiative to transform the Ipswich Town Hall, Queensland’s oldest Town Hall.


In a major cultural initiative, the Ipswich City Council sought to transform the Ipswich Town Hall, Queensland’s oldest, built in 1861, into a high-tech visual arts museum, gallery and cultural centre that expresses the history and aspirations of the Ipswich community.

Global Arts Link incorporates cutting edge interactive media and information technology displays for the presentation of art and cultural heritage. The internationally rated gallery is the State’s first since the Queensland Art Gallery.

The gallery is positioned to the rear of the site accessed by D’Arcy Doyle Place. The foyer is conceived as a verandah annexe to the building creating an egalitarian entry point devoid of colonial connotations of the existing heritage building.

These works were carried out in association with Buchanan Architects.


Ipswich City Council
Ipswich, Qld
Undertaken as Project Director at Arkhefield