UQ JD Story Level 7

This refurbishment of the top floor of the modernist JD Story building breathes life into UQ Advancement’s workplace with a fresh take on the planning arrangement for a linear floorplate, while embracing opportunities, details, and materials of the existing building.


University of Queensland Advancement wanted a workplace that provided for a more collaborative working environment, while increasing the number of workstations, meeting rooms, breakout areas, and a new staff kitchen space.

The original building layout is a linear curved space with access at one end leaving little opportunity for innovation, however O’Neill Architecture focused on breaking down the path through the office while targeting efficiencies to meet the increased programme.

The original JD Story building was simple in design and true to materials. O’Neill Architecture took inspiration from this to create a natural palette to complement the project’s context. The original concrete floor was polished to expose the river pebbles. The timber glazing design and proportion is inspired by, and has a direct relationship to, the original façade glazing. Tones of timber and green throughout are punctuated by white joinery and internal planting for biophilia.

Common existing building issues including acoustics, natural and artificial lighting, and glare where all resolved as part of the design. Opportunities for natural light were promoted through the auto blind system supplemented with artificial lighting throughout. A meandering path breaks down the length of the linear space, and the dense acoustic solution and breakout zones provides an intimate feel.
UQ Advancement have complemented ONA on the outcome of their new home and have used the design of their workplace as an exemplar for other UQ projects.


University of Queensland
St Lucia
Angus Martin Photography